Speaker Presentations 2011

People & Money:
Sean Dromgoole, CEO, Some Research
Edward Williams, Managing Director, BMO Capital Markets

Leave Your Phone at Home, This is Mobile Media:
Jason DaPonte, Managing Director & Executive Producer, The SWARM

The Napsterfication of Learning:
Graham Brown-Martin, Founder, Learning without Frontiers

Gamification: Building Games – the Mechanics, Rewards and Influences:
Kam Star, Chief Play Officer, PlayGen
James Allsopp, Design Director & In-house Psychology Expert, PlayGen

The Gamers Gaze: Facial representation and interaction from past, present and future:
Mike Rogers, Director of Research, Image Metrics

How We Got Benedict Cumberbatch On a Spaceship and How You Could, Too — Games, Stories and New Funding Models:
Steve Ackerman, Managing Director, Somethin’ Else

The Multiplayer Revolution:
Mark Gerhard, CEO, Jagex

Getting Blood out of a Stone:
Brian Williamson, Director, JumpStart UK
Euan Mackenzie, CEO, 3MRT Ltd & FatBobGames Ltd

Interactive TV – The Games Industry of the Future:
Fred Hasson, Executive director of Games Capital Ltd (Chair)
Dan Cryan, Senior Analyst, Head of Broadband Media, Screen Digest
Chris Deering, former CEO of SCEE, former Chairman of Codemasters, and board member of IGAWW and Geomerics.
Rob Woodward, CEO, STV Group

Commissioning for Convergence:
Anna Cronin, Commissioning Editor Convergent Formats, Channel 4